the world's first High Resolution, fully customizable, print-quality, illustration and animation library! It offers a simple and cost-effective solution to bring your books to life with illustrations that are available in up to 3072x3072 pixel resolution and fully customizable 3D ebook animations.

Highly Customizable

feature-1Want the ability to customize your character’s looks? How about the ability to use the same character throughout your project with the flexibility to change emotion, action, or zoom/rotation? 3DiLLUSTRATOR is highly customizable with millions of character combinations.

HighResolution Illustrations

feature-23DiLLUSTRATOR graphics are generated and downloaded ready for professional printing. Images are offered in 4 high-resolution sizes: 768x768, 1536x1536, and 3072x3072 px, and they are formatted in PNG with transparent backgrounds.

Animations for ebooks

feature-3Want to bring your eBook to life? Download the animated version of your custom character for illustrations like no other!

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